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Upgrade your motorbike today or get a brand new one! With low interest rates, same day approval and an incredibly simple application process, the Finance EZI team make getting bike finance a breeze.

We can help you obtain the bike of your dreams, whether it be a Harley, Triumph, dirt-bike, road motorbike or anything in between.

Do you want a motorbike but aren’t sure whether you can afford the repayments? Use our Calculator to the left to find out just how affordable owning your dream wheels can be!

So if you’re ready to ride, fill out our EZI Finance application form and we’ll contact you at your preferred time to help you get same-day loan approval.

Alternatively, call us direct on 1300 003 003 for a free, no-obligation quote.

What Can Finance EZI Do For Me?

Finance EZI are not only bike finance lenders, we can also help you arrange bike insurance. We work closely with a number of banks and dealerships Australia-wide to make sure you get the best rates possible. Ask your Finance EZI business manager to give you an insurance quote today!

If you want to consolidate more in your finance loan, Finance EZI can also help with:

  • Motorcycle Accessories
  • Income Loan Protection
  • Registration
  • Consolidating your previous bike loan still owed on your trade in.

What Bike Loans Do Finance EZI Offer?

Secured Bike Finance

With secured bike finance, the bike itself is the security - if you don't pay, then the bike can be repossessed after a period of defaults. Although interest rates are normally cheaper with this type of finance, we always recommend looking at cheap, effective ways to insure yourself for any unforeseen circumstances.

Unsecured Bike Finance

Unsecured bike finance is done as a personal loan. These often have higher interest rates but can give flexibility in not tying encumbrances to the bike. We recommend Personal Loans through the main banks and can provide bike loans to all Australians with good credit ratings. 

No Deposit Bike Finance

No deposit bike loans are available, though we do recommend making a down payment if you can, as this will reduce your payments and also the interest that you pay.

Although it might seem tempting to sell your old bike, you might find you get a better deal through a trade-in when you buy your new motorcycle.

Here at Finance EZI we will make sure that you get the best deal possible!

Fixed Rate Bike Loans

If you are looking for a bike loan, try to get one where you have a fixed interest rate so that your repayments remain the same all the way through. You don't want to find yourself paying more when you have budgeted for the maximum you can afford to repay each month.

Older Motorbikes

The bikes build date at the beginning and end of the loan could be a factor; finance companies do prefer the bike to be no more than 12 years old when the loan contract is over.

Older motorbikes are ok, but limit the number of lenders to choose from. Generally if you are seeking a four year motorbike loan, you should make sure it is no more than eight years old when you buy it. We recommend checking with Finance EZI before making an offer if it is any older. Finance EZI will discuss this with you if you call us, and if you must have that fabulous motorbike, then we will find a solution for you.


If you have your eye on that fantastic road bike then work out the max you can afford to put down on it, add what you should get as a trade-in for your existing bike and then use our online bike loans quote request. Alternatively, call us on 1300 003 003 and talk to our friendly and experienced team.


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